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Professional Skin Care and Facial Treatments

High Performance Skin Care Treatments with Results

Skin Care Treatments

Facial Spa Hawaii specializes in 18 professional skin care treatments. Our passion for skin health goes beyond the pampering. We deliver skin care treatments with results along with the needed relaxation to target your overall well-being. We make facials an affordable necessity. Beautiful skin is healthy skin.


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Mini Facial, 30 minutes

    -A refreshing cleansing and massage treament

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Complete Dermalogica Facial 60 minutes

    -Core facial treament with pore extractions

Men's Revitalizing Facial, 60 minutes

    -a refreshing treatment to deep clean and soothe


Ion Active Power Treatment 60 minutes

    -Deep tissue infusion of specific serums to target:

    * Fine lines and wrinkles (Retinol)

    *Dehydration and Sensitive skin (Hyaluronic)

    *Hyperpigmentation (Oligopeptide)

    *Acne prone and post acne (Niacinamide)


Clean Start Facial for Teens and Pre-Teens, 40 minutes

     - a gentle cleansing and extracting of debris in pores


Clarify & Clear Acne Facial, 60 minutes

    -treats adult acne to deep clean, disinfect, soothe

    and heal

Ultra Calming Facial, 60 minutes

    -designed to soothe and relieve sensitive skin





Age Smart Regeneration Treatment, 70 minutes

    -encourages collegen and elastin production

Vitamin C Infusion Facial, 70 minutes

    -penetrates pure Vitamin C to restore clarity


CO2 Firming & Tightening Facial, 90 minutes

    -oxygen stimulating to absorb more nutrients

Youthful Renewal Facial, 75 minutes

    -increases cell turnover and hydration

Bio Active Professional Peel, 55 minutes

    -high intensity peel

Bio Active Professional Peel, Series of 3

The Ultimate Lifting Facial,  90 Minutes

    -combines the Age Smart Regeneration and  

    microcurrent treatment





















Micro Current Skin Toning and Lifting



1 Session  50 minutes

Deluxe Session with Mask and Massage

2 Sessions in a Week



$140 (save $30)

Receive 20% OFF a series of 8 or more sessions of our myotonology treatments.



Disincrustation Pore Softening             $10

   - Loosens blackhead and debris


Decollette Treatment                             $35

    -treats the neck and upper chest area


Eye Firming Mask                                   $20

    -firms and smooth fine lines and

     massaged into eye area with specialized

    eye wands


Moisturizing Hand Massage                 $25

    -a relaxing fingertip to elbow massage

    and treated with heated mittens


Ion Active Ampoule                                 $20

    -active serums that penetrate into the

    skin to deliver results





Back Cleansing Treatment  50 min        $88

    Cleanse and clear problematic blackheads

    and acne on the back.


Foot Reflexology  50 min                          $60

    Therapeutic feet massage with specific

    techniques and pressure points to

    stimulate energy in the body.


Eyelash Tinting  25 mins                           $28


Eyebrow Tinting  15 mins                         $20