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By facialspah86068414, Dec 9 2018 06:57PM

Our hectic modern lives wreak havoc on our overall well-being. Sometime we need to just stop and take a little time to breath, close our eyes and feel the pressure of life slowly slip away....

Giving a gift of relaxation says that you truly care for your loved one's health. Professional facials help by stimulating blood circulation to promte oxygen to the brain and cells .It relieves pressure in the eyes and facial muscles to chip off some of the stress from work. The aromatic oils calm and soothe so that you relax faster. The infusion of high performance products promote a healthier skin to boosts confidence levels.

Give the gift of facial treatments! Call us at (808)591-8606, we can also make it easier with phone orders and we'll send you or the recepient of your choice free of charge.

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